Self & Other

"it sure is a long hard empty road we walk,

until we find


we cannot walk it by ourselves,

but we cannot admit defeat either.

we adamantly cling to our views

and understanding.

We know we are right,

and we even believe ourselves,


but when we look, (usually at 3 in the morning)

we see that we are alone,

and that anyone else that we would walk with,

are alone too.

mutually clueless

and without goal.

so we seek


but Other is not to be found on this road we've walked,

Other is far beyond our limited scope.

Other is right behind

the eye that looks at the world and judges,

behind the mask.

behind the hope,

and the fear.

leaping into darkness, into faith

we land in light.

on the shoreless shore:



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I also think we should believe ourselves no matter what we are going on,even when we think we are right.As a friend of mine on told me that whatever the long hard empty road like,we have to go ahead!