Unexpected Appearance

The spirit of sublime compassion,
White, winsome, splendid, all adorned,
Appears a sudden there before me,
“Do not fear for you will be free
From the pain of things you mourned
From the taint of ancient passion.”

Awash in singing the beloved,
Calling out the fervent name,
This angel came unbidden, gifted,
Just so that my spirit lifted,
Washing off all doubt and blame,
Soothing with a love unsaid.

Red the disc that hangs before me
Vestibule to the calling land;
Dark clouds soft turn ‘fore that hue,
As soft our sins in those eyes too;
How clement comes the kindly hand
To peel the scales that we might see.

For lost am I in the pall of the past,
Torment a certain destination
Were it not for simply bowing
To the one whose timeless vowing
Raises all of humble station
And raises firstly those who are last.

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