Master Hui Re's teachings

You must remember this most important thing:

If you do not recite the Buddha's name, if you do not make Buddha karma, you are making worldly karma. Whether you make bad worldly karma or good worldly karma, it is still worldly karma. It is the karma to continue in this world indefinitely, over and over again, life after life after life, suffering in Samsara. Whether you are enjoying yourself in Samsara or suffering in Samsara, it is still Samsara. Over and over and over again. The only way out is to recite the Buddha's name.

Every single cause has its effect. You are constantly creating a new world for yourself.

Not reciting the Buddha's name is making karma in this world. It's just piling up shit. When its bad karma it stinks a lot more. When its good karma it does not stink as much. You are still carrying this bag of shit.

(Master Hui Re on Samsara, From the July 2007 retreat. Translated by Ben Le.)

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