AH Hymn Sang

A long and prosperous wait
Life has been delicate with flowers that dance and bite

On top of Meru Mountain
A bodhi-heart at the heart of the saha-mandala
Chandra to the left and Surya to the right
The four abodes of the mudra-blessing Dhyani Bhagavas'

Clenched impressions - lids on top and cheeks at bottom
Arms stretched infinitely
Meeting every sentient Buddha destiny
with care, veneration, and chocolate kisses

Dear Buddha Heart
My Blessed friend from the West
at the centre of the focused enlightened gaze
and by-friends
Avalokita to the left and Vajrapani-Mahastamaprapta to the right

gritting teeth...then
wind of wind swept from within and out
a leap from the edge of the world (in circulation)
gliding and surfing the warm breeze of the deathlessness content
flying off the mountain to neither peace nor not-peace
forever free-falling...
implode in a lovely display of fresh autumn leaves in the purple array sky.



Ta Taa!


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