An extract from the Larger Sukhavativuyha Sutra

From The Sanskrit version of the Larger Sutra

Paragraph 111: Furthermore, Ananda, there is for those living beings born in the Land of Bliss no idea of what belongs to others, no idea of what belongs to self, no idea of 'mine', no conflict, no dispute, no contradiction. Their thoughts are impartial, benevolent, friendly, tender, affectionate, pliable, serene, firm, free from hindrances, undisturbed, imperturbable. They have thoughts only for the practice of the perfection of discernment. They have obtained a presence of mind that preserves their thoughts. Their discernment makes them equal to the ocean, their presence of mind equal to Mount Sumeru. They are rich in numberless virtues. They find their pleasure in the music of the seven aspects of awakening; they are devoted to the song of the buddhas.

From: Land of Bliss: the paradise of the Buddha of Measureless Light: Sanskrit and Chinese versions of the Sukhavativyuha Sutras, translated by Luis O. Gomez, p. 99

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