About Us and Some Changes

This Site has been founded by Students of Venerable Master Hui Li 慧禮 and Venerable Hui Re 慧日 of the Amitofo Charity Association (ACA) 阿彌陀佛關懷協會.

Any views or opinions posted are those of the author of the specific post or comments, unless otherwise stated (for instance translations or quotes). All the Master’s teachings posted here have been translated and interpreted from Mandarin Chinese into English, therefore any mistakes or misinterpretations are commonly the fault of the translators and/or editors of the text.

The Masters rely on us to spread their teachings in English to the rest of the world through this Site and other means; therefore it is our responsibility to make sure that the Buddha Dharma is accurately expressed here for the benefit of infinite sentient beings in the ten directions (or those with internet connection in any way).

However we are all fanfu 凡夫 (non-enlightened, ignorant beings with afflicted minds), so please help us keep our information pure and accurate, if you discover mistakes, inconsistencies or any other problems with the Site or it’s contents please be so kind as to inform the Administration:

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