Wilderness - love for Africa

Broad level plains of wild grass land
The beautiful scene of a winters day
With ivory trees and rocks
As embellishments tossed about
With an old thatched shack
A stack of firewood all ablaze
Surrounded by rocks
Topped by an old steel mesh
And big cans and metal buckets
Water boiling, stew a bubbling
Three or five serene black faced
White toothed construction workers
Sitting around
Saintly eyed
A friend’s simple smile
So relaxed and free
With nothing to do
Just awaiting the stew
Add a few greens and a little corn
Completing the days delicious fare
The ancient way of eating
Like a thousand years before
Longing for this simple, unadorned life
I said to myself:
I love Africa’s wild grass lands
I love the Africans’ innocent smile
I love simple, ancient ways
I am them
And they I.

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