Nan Hua Temple - Pure Land Retreat

Venerable Master Hui Re

Chan Lin Meditation Centre
Nan Hua Temple

Dear Pure Land practitioners and others,

Master Hui Re has agreed to hold a 5-day Pure Land meditation retreat at the Ch'an Centre in the middle of the year. He has decided to hold 2 retreats: one for Chinese and a separate one for Westerners.

Master has asked me to find out from everyone what dates are most suitable.

I propose some time in the 2nd half of July. Please send me the dates you prefer as soon as possible. I will do my best to accommodate everyone, working with the dates I receive first.

I do not have prices yet but expect it will be pretty cheap – as usual. As accommodation is limited and all shared, please will you contact me asap. It will be strictly on a first come first serve basis.

When the dates are set, I will send interested people an application form. Payment must be made in advance as usual.

Many thanks for your interest and help.



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