Monthly Meditation Retreats at Nan Hua Temple

The cold days of winter are here again and often at this time of mid-year, there is a feeling of fatigue and loss of energy. Summer and the joy of long vacations are so far away. However, there is a way to recharge your batteries. Come to Nan Hua Temple for a stimulating meditation retreat. The monthly retreats start on Saturday morning at 10h00 and go through to Sunday lunch. One night stay-over is spent in the comfortable chalets at Nan Hua Village. All meals are vegetarian and so this also provides the body with a chance to detox and revitalize.

These retreats are suitable for all adults, whether you have meditated before or not. The program includes sessions of gentle relaxation meditation, traditional Ch'an (Zen) style meditation, (full instructions provided).
You will also be introduced to other Eastern Buddhist practices for transforming your life, alsoTai-Chi and Walking meditation. A traditional Tea Meditation with the Master is held on Sunday morning, as well as a Q & A session, where your questions about the why's and wherefore's of life can be discussed.

We invite you to take this opportunity to become energized, refreshed and better able to cope with your stressed, busy lifestyles. The next monthly meditation retreat will be over the weekend of 9 & 10 June 2007.
Dates for the rest of the year are as follows:
July: 14 - 15 Aug: 11 - 12
Sept: 8-9 Oct: 13 - 14
Nov: 11 - 12 Dec: 8 - 9

To book your place on one of these retreats, please contact;
Venerable Jue Kai on (013)931-0009 or e-mail:
For further enquiries ONLY:
Telephone Maxine on (013)931-0009 or e-mail :

Please note that each retreat only has 25 places, so we recommend that you book well in advance to secure your attendance. We can also sponsor your attendance, if you are unemployed, a student or a senior citizen without sufficient income.

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Anonymous said...

These are good retreats, folks!
You won't regret it. hehe.

- Old Timer 'feng