Ben Le's poetry:

I, barely three years

Without hair or suite,

Have fallen in love.

It was not sudden,

But followed a graded path.

And will continue to grow.

This life, is not one I can

Express. For my horizons

Are too narrow to encompass this.

My heart,

Like a flower,

Held in his calloused, carpenter’s hands.

I watch him speaking,

Telling us sheep, that there’s more to life,

Than wool and mutton.

We sheep are enthralled,

We laugh, and chatter excitedly,

Then turn back to the grass and eat.

Like before, like we’ll do again.

And I watch his eyes,


As he watches us,

He laughs as he cries.

I say I am in love,

Not because I love,

But because I know, I am loved,

He loves me, and everyone else.

I say I love,

Because it flows into me

and I thrive.

But I dare not think

That it might end.

This is bittersweet.

It cannot last,

And I cry, as I laugh

Knowing this.

Ben Fa's poetry:

Nothing to do

Nothing to say

Just sit!

It’s better that way

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