What is it about saying: Namo Amitofo, that makes a grown child cry?
What is it about crying: Namo Amitofo! that makes the heart smile?
What is it about Amitabha's smile that enlightens the spirit from afar?
What is it about Amitabha that makes one feel a rest-assured comfort in adversity?
What is it about this kind Buddha
that our every breathe is warmed with infinite illumination?

Meditate, Aspire, Dedicate, Suplicate - Namo Amitofo!

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bernard said...

it's the light
and love
and laughter
and the longing in the heart
that just says "this is right'

no matter if you understand or not,
no matter if you even believe
there is light
and love
and laughter
and a grace that will not abandon anyone