Spring heart

Spring is not a season:
It is the heart of Mito (Amitofo / Amitabha)
Impelled by boundless love
Spring heart dances gracefully in the treetops
Wonderfully binding us
Giving us warmth in icy winter.
The succession of time is like the changing seasons.
The human world is also ruled by it’s own seasons.
Understanding this,
we understand the true appearance
of ten thousand experiences
and ten thousand thoughts:
the truth of our original nature.
Experiencing the Great Compassionate Vows
of Mito to save sentient beings,
We naturally let go of all mental activity, all worry, anxiety and difficulty
No longer desiring to play the game of attachment and love,
running around seeking, wanting.
Forever in the land of Spring Heart.
Bathing in the Buddha's light.
Together, at one with the Buddha.
Forever inseparable.
Translated by Ben Le

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