What’s in a name?

Keeping the Buddha's Name in your heart really is keeping your own self nature in your heart. The moment your heart accepts the Buddha, you are immediately joined with the Buddha.

Just as:

When a tree absorbs nutrients form the soil, the nutrients becomes a part of the tree.

When we eat a meal, the food becomes a part of our body.

The knowledge we acquire, becomes a part of our mind.

So too, when we accept Amida Buddha into our hearts, we become a part of Him.

When you are joined with the Buddha, there is nothing else, no self (real or imaginary), there is only Amida Buddha. Returning home to the Pure Land is returning home to our pure original nature, because the Pure Land was never separate from our original nature. Therefore we always bathe in the Buddha's Light, and are always in the Buddha's Compassionate embrace, together, as one, with Amida.

So wonderful is faith in Other Power (Buddha's Power). This is the profundity of the Bodhisattva Path of Swift Attainment.

Written by Master Hui Re 2007/10/25

Interpreted by Ben Le 2007/10/26

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