Mystical Clues

There are clues in this life
Symbols of the splendour of Amitabha's Pureland

At the time of day when all dharmas seem to settle
An hour between designations
A moment dear to offering thanks and praise
You will notice it
When the Sun retires in the West, when
The creatures retreat for home, and
Yet there is an arising of something magical
In the aether, where myth swells and lore dwells

And very special
The clues spoken of in deepest scripture
The gentle sailing by of purple sheets in the sky
One sits still amongst the family of dharmas
Comforted by the warm glimmers of setting sun reflections
And what better to do
Than sing
The name of Amitabha
Deeply wishing for sanctity in Amitabha's heart
In his Pureland of Ultimate Bliss

Afterall, these clues are seen through the purifying power of Namo Amitofo

Relinquishing Manichaen notions of 'this' and 'that'
For replenishing differences into beyond, beyond...

Going deeply beyond - into the wind of wind, the heart beat of lucid awareness, into the powerful nurture-nature, of Amitabha - Namo Amitabha!

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Ben Le said...

namo amitofo
in only a moment can we touch the infinite
stopping and looking, we more than just see,
we feel, the heart opens and we are ware.
but it takes a leap of faith to stop.
we live as if running on water,
believing it's only our momentum keeping us on the surface,
we fear sopping as much as sinking.
namo amitofo
i return home to the infinite, measureless.
it's always there, we but have to stop, and look.