Dearest Amitabha,

I am greedy

I want you

I want you

I want to feel you

I want my pain to go forever

I want the pain of all others to go forever

I want you all the time

I am fangfu, bombu

Stupid and ignorant

Of limited imagination

I can only think of you as an

ever present lover

I want you

unmediated by Master or books

I want you

my own

my own

the own of all others

I yearn for you with all

the fervour of my

confused fangfu mind.

May I no longer suffer the

pain of separation

the fear of losing my

loved ones

the misery of slights.

I feel you melt

my anguished passion

soften my angry, ignorant


Tears well.

May I know you.


At the end of the day


I creep to my cushion

crossed legs, back straight

an hour's sweet solace.

With deep gratitude

I take refuge in my dearest Amitabha Buddha

knowing He will

touch me.

His light will illuminate me

in ways undreamed.

In the early morning

the day's challenges and joys to come

purified by prostrations

I sit on my cushion

knowing Amitabha is shining His ineffable light on me

guiding me in each moment

I call Him.

My dearest Amitabha

There is not word for

how I love you

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