Advanced Pure Land Retreat. December 2007

Advanced Pure Land Retreat

28 December, 2007 – 3 January, 2008

(Please Note, the dates have changed)

This is a Pure Land Buddhist retreat for advanced meditators. Applicants need to have been mediating for at least a year, and be able to sit upright, back unsupported for an hour if possible. It would be best if they were familiar with Pure Land teachings and practice and have a good knowledge of basic Buddhism.

Retreatants have the option of participating for three to eight days. The first three days will be held at Nan Hua Temple and will be a traditional Pure Land chanting retreat (Including chanting of the Amida Sutra in Chinese and other traditional Chinese practices). The next five days will be held either at the Temple or at Ch’an Lin Meditation Centre (depending on the number of participants) under the guidance of Venerable Master Hui Re, who has just completed an intensive, extended Pure Land practice retreat at Ch’an Lin.

Instruction will be in Chinese with English translation.

All retreatants begin on the first day (Friday 28 December) or the third day (30 December).

Practices include walking and sitting meditation, prostration practice, Dharma talks and morning and evening Pure Land services. All sessions are compulsory.

This is a rigorous, challenging retreat, sittings are long, and retreatants need to be in excellent mental and physical health.

We sincerely hope that causes and conditions will allow you attend.

Dates: 28 December, 2007 – 3 January, 2008

Bookings and enquiries:

Venerable Jue Kai: (013) 931 0009 ext 308, Monday to Friday, during office hours


Maxine: (013) 931 0009 ext 282, Monday to Friday, during office hours


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