Seven years ago

you said to me,

It is time to let go of suffering.


Today you said to me,

It is time to build a Pure Land in Africa.


Six year ago I jumped off a cliff

and landed softly.

I jump again.

Amitabha, are you there?


Mito Rulai

May I come to your Pure Land?

End the torment

of my searing anger

my insatiable greed

my stifling confusion

May I come to your Land of Ultimate Bliss

free from turmoil

free from anguish

free from stress.

May I come to Sukhavarti

land of tranquility

of limitless heart

May I come?

I am old now


ready to drop all this.

Yet still attached

still attracted to my Master's

plans and projects

still want to be with him.

Help me

let go

even of my Master.

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