Book now for the Land of Bliss

In my last life I made an appointment to be born in this Saha world.
So here I am, fulfilling my vows in this life.
Now I’m making an appointment to be born in the Pureland,
In the Land of Lotuses,
when this life ends.

I am not weary of this tainted Saha world,
but of the endlessly revolving cycle of life and death.
I joyously seek not the pure and blissful land,
but the ultimate love and wisdom Mito Rulai will give to me

My love is constant in this Saha world.
My care for all beings – all my mothers – is constantly in my heart
To attain the pure diamond body,
I will help all sentient beings
for numberless kalpas.
Practicing thus I make my appointment
for the Pure Land of ultimate bliss.

Written by Master Hui Re 慧日法師
Translated by Alice Chan
Edited by Ben Le and Maxine Fine
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