Amitofo Charity Association


The Amitofo Charity Association is a Taiwanese based Buddhist charity organization. Our primary goal is to build orphanages to care for and educate orphans in all 53 African nations. Although we will be funded mainly by Far Eastern Buddhists and well as overseas Chinese Buddhists, we will also raise funds in South Africa and other Western countries.

Our three basic goals are:

  1. To assist, care for and educate children and teenagers in great need – especially orphans in Africa.

  2. To promote world peace and protect the environment

  3. To help propagate the Buddha Dharma throughout the world

In 2001 we established the Malawi Amitofo Care Centre, near Blantyre. By 2008 it is providing care and education for nearly 300 orphans. We also provide basic necessities for more than one thousand orphans and care givers in community based organizations in the surrounding area. We have already purchased the land for a second care centre, near Lilongwe in Central Malawi, which will include a high school and a vocational training college

In Zimbabwe we have erected 15 buildings to house orphans as part of the Zimbabwe Amitofo Care Centre. This first phase will accommodate more than 200 orphans when construction is complete. The opening ceremony will be hopefully held in the Spring of 2008.

We are now building Care Centres in Lesotho and Swaziland. We hope that in the near future these centres will help many orphans and contribute to the local community.

Our provisional long term plans include building one orphanage each year. Each orphanage will include an administrative centre, children’s residences, teenager’s residences, kindergarten, primary school, middle school, library, health centre, play ground, sports fields, activity centre, vocational training centre and a Buddha Hall. We will assist local people improve and develop their villages through community based organizations. Within two years we will start constructing a Buddhist Seminary to accommodate 600 students. The first phase will provide living, recreation and study facilities for 100 students.

The headquarters of ACA is in South Africa, in Johannesburg. The HQ is primarily a Dharma Centre for teaching Pure Land Buddhism in South Africa, but will eventually house our central administration office, a training centre for staff members, and retreat centre.


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Anonymous said...

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