Poetic Conversation in honour of Fanfu and the Infinite

Inspired by Venerable Prasada

However difficult my sitting

when I leave the meditation room and look up

I see the stars

shine brightly in their assigned positions

assuring me of Amitabha.


Can Shinjin be lost?

Cannot, by definition

If lost it was not shinjin.

Yet, battered by my passions

Other's miseries

Confused by tumultuous circumstance

Almost lost in trepidation

I cling to the name

Hardly knowing I'm reciting

Amitofo, Amitofo

Finally I hear myself.

Amitabha calling me to call


Namo Amida Bu


is the breath we take

each breath

and the ground

onto which we step


is the opening of eyes

to look for the bird which sings in the bush

and the reaching of hands

to nestle in the shining fur of the cat


is breakfasting with friends

and good conversation

and not rushing off

to answer the phone


is trusting

that faith has not gone away

even when the clouds

are covering the sun

Namo Amida Bu


Whether we have faith or not
He smiles
and His blessing light enfolds us.

Whether we appreciate it or not
we are,
and in our being
He holds us

Whether this or that,
in our inconstancy
it is not a question
of our seeing or believing

The clouds
coming and going
are beautiful
however grey.

He loves
that way.

The sun cannot be looked at directly
except when it is on the point
of going away.

His love is the same,
whether or not we pray.

It is not by the power of our conceiving
that He is coming staying or leaving,
the Holy of Holies
when you have the opportunity
and know that you and we and all
are eternally bathed in
one wonderous light
beyond the call
of particular

Namo Amida Bu

1 comment:

Ben Le said...

"The clouds
coming and going
are beautiful
however grey."

one of the most beautiful lines i've ever read...