Ch'an has no Gate

Hello All Fellow Cultivators!

Yesterday, June 6th 2003, the Ten Day Ch'an-Pureland Retreat at Fo Guang Shan Nan Hua Temple South Africa was complete. During the retreat, the Chairman of the Johannesburg Buddha Light Association fasted for seven days. He achieved a most supreme physical and spiritual peace and relief.

During the thought sharing at the end of the retreat, he was moved to tears before the assembled practitioners, moved at the rarity of attaining human birth, the difficulty in finding the Dharma, and the fortune of meeting the Sangha. During the thought sharing many participants vowed to move to the Nan Hua Meditation Centre for intense practice, and a better future. Thus they will be able to easily attain rebirth in Amitabha Buddha's Pureland.

Concluding Dharma Words:

Ch'an has no Gate,

The Pureland has a Path.

In a moment of No-mind, one instantly attains Ch'an,

In a thought of Amitabha, one surely is born in the Pureland.

Master Huei Re

7th July 2003 at South Africa Nan Hua Temple Meditation Centre, durina 10 day Retreat, transl by Ven Ben Yong

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