Entering into Ch'an

Hello All Fellow Cultivators!

There is nothing better than cultivation, only entering into Ch'an is supreme.

If there is no means to practice together with your Dharma Friends, we invite you to join in spirit, practicing Ch'an meditation and Reciting the Buddha's Name, together realizing the Unconditioned.

Opening Dharma Words:

Everything before the eye is the way, there is no need to seek the Buddha's Path,
One originally is Buddha, there is no need to aim to become a Buddha.

With Mind, Externals and Dharma, it is only an Expedient Teaching,
With No-mind, No-externals and No-dharma, it is the Ultimate Gate.

If the Mind grasps at Externals and grasps at Dharma, one is unenlightened,
If the Mind grasps not at Externals and grasps not at Dharma,

one is the same as the Tathagata.

Just let the Mind constantly remain without abiding, with nothing to do, without corruption or deluded thought, that's it!

If one clings to that mind without abiding, with nothing to do, then that is not it!

Those unable to remain without abiding, with nothing to do, can continuously Recite the Buddha's Name and reflect back on the Self-nature.

The inconceivable state of No Mind yet Nothing Not Mind,

No External yet Nothing Not External,

No Dharma yet Nothing Not the Dharma.

Master Hui Re

7th July 2003 at South Africa Nan Hua Temple Meditation Centre, during a 10 day retreat transl by Ven Ben Yong

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