When I Say... (guess)

I step outside, Ah!

When I say: Namo Amita
The road becomes soft, it becomes level
Easy to walk on, smooth to the move.

When I say: Namo Amita
The falling leaves are constant raining Mandarava flowers
Weeds blossom beautiful crysantheums
Revealing their true potential.

When I say: Namo Amita
Dogs bark: Awake! Aware! Take Care!
Pigeons become Peacocks and
Hadidas, Garudas.

Yes, Amitabha is the Buddha of Discriminating Wisdom
All effects are seen uniquely
All within is known from the perfect eye on Universal Truth
All things and processes reveal their empty-buddha nature blissfully.

When I say: Namo Amita
I stand at the Western Gate of the Mandala
The Sun is Ever-Never Setting
I knock on my heart:
"Home Sweet Home".

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